Reality Check

On the Oklahoma State campus, just before spring break, they hold a program called Reality Check. Check it out.


“Paris is always a good idea.” — Audrey Hepburn


Fashion Week is here, which means a whole new world has opened. Designers are setting a whole new trend and a whole new outlook on fashion. Paris Fashion Week has always intrigued me because it is so different from the fashion week in New York City. This blog does a great job of covering all sides of Paris Fashion Week.

The New York Times did a short article on Galliano’s show. After reading this, I did some research on this show. He shook things up a bit, which needed to be done. In the beginning, the fashion was very hard, rock star like, then softened up by have soft flowing dresses in the end. I soon learned that nothing is off limits in the fashion world.

During Paris Fashion Week, Harper’s Bazar scoped out the local fashion.  There was a mix among spring, fall and winter clothing; the common theme among all the clothes was a surprise. All if the outfits had a splash of bright color, some with bright pumps, purses, or even skirts. Paris is setting the bar high in the fashion world.


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