Rain Rain Go Away…Or Stay?

Hello Dears,

First of all Happy Easter! Hope your day was filled with family and friends. It is a cold, dreary, and wet Easter day here, and I am puzzled on what to wear. I have the cutest spring dress with gladiator wedges, but I have no clue what to wear over it.

Elle Magazine’s website had just what I was looking for and solved my puzzle. Elle has an article on their website called, Make a Splash, and they made a splash alright. They show the cutest trench raincoats, waterproof bags, umbrellas, and rain boots, basically everything you need for a Spring rain.

After looking through this article, my day got a little brighter. My Spring dress was going to get the right accessory, a trench coat. You can get a trench coat pretty much anywhere! I got mine at Target for $30, practically a steal! If you are the one for labels, Burberry makes a classic trench coat. The choice is really yours! Happy shopping loves!


Life in the Fab Lane


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