A Little Bit of Everything.

Hello Dears!

Do you ever have a day when you have no clue what to wear, the ones were you stand and stare at your closet; there are also the days when you try on basically everything but nothing looks right. I had one of those days.

Every girl needs a great pair of heels. With spring approaching fast, nude heelsare the new rage. You can wear nude heels with everything! They are also great for us short girls because nude heels give the illusion of long legs.

Another great buy is a cute cropped leather jacket. It will never go out f style, and along with the nude heels, the jacket can be dressed up or down. I just got a Nicole Miller leather jacket; I am obsessed with it! I have worn it with a formal dress and I have worn it with a Hanes t-shirt.

Happy shopping!


Life in the Fab Lane