Go Green!

Hello Fellow Fashionistas!

Fab Lane here, and it is officially fall! Fall is my favorite season; it brings cool weather, warm colors, and all of my favorite fall clothes. I can finally slip on my tall boots and cute jackets, but the fashion God’s have shaken up the spectrum.

The new look and my new obsession is the military look! Who knew the cargo look would come back to haunt us. Although cargo shorts aren’t for everyone, there is an alternative. My favorite piece of the military ensemble is the army green cargo skinny’s (that’s a mouth full).

These pants can be very versatile. You can dress them up or dress them down. These pants are essential to ones fall outfit. They will never fail you. When I first found that the army look was in, I was not a fan, but I went to a local boutique, The Wooden Nickel, and they had these pants. The stylist insisted on me trying them on and so I did. It was love at well, second sight. I highly recommend at least trying them on. Who knows maybe it will be love at first sight! Go Army!


Life in the Fab Lane


Slave for Fashion?

Yes, we are all slaves for fashion (at least the readers of this blog are). A new  trend that has become a hot new accessory is fur. Everything from boots covered in fur, to fur vest and coats. Rachel Zoe is a big advocate for fur. She is a worldwide known stylist and has many followers. Although this is a hot new accessory, animal rights activists do not like it. Animals are literally becoming slaves to fashion.

Many designers have taken advantage of this out burst. They have begun to design faux fur accessories. With this they have started a new movement. Faux fur is the new thing! Whether you hate or love faux fur, it is the new “it” accessory. I have just recently bought my first faux fur vest. Michael Kors is the designer of this beautiful piece.

I know you are dying to know where to get the fabulous piece. The Wooden Nickel is a great place to start looking. This is where I bought my faux fur vest. They have great customer service and are willing to help you with anything. I hope you find this enlightening, and I hope you are excited about this new trend. I know I am ready for cold weather to come around so that I can wear my new accessory.


Life in the Fab Lane

People watching at its finest.

In the midst of the travel season, I feel the need to inform you all on airport fashion. Have you ever gone to the web site People of Walmart, if not look now. I am currently sitting in the Houston Hobby Airport, and I am, of course, people watching. Some of these people need help! One woman walked by and was wearing all white. The outfit was screaming, “IT’S AFTER LABOR DAY!” Another is sitting in front of me wearing a cute top but she obviously dressed in the dark when she put her pants and shoes on. She is wearing brown cords, which are obviously flared, and are tucked into old cowboy boots. PLEASE, do not be these women!

Although these pictures are out there, I know some did do this. In the midst of the travel season here are some helpful and fashionable travel rules.

Rule #1. Always look presentable. You never know whom you are going to run into or see. It is also common courtesy too look presentable.

Rule #2. You should always wear a fashionable, comfortable, and simple shoe while traveling. Leave your slippers at home. Boots are an ideal shoes to wear. They are easy to take on and off and they go with everything.

Rule #3. Accessories are your best friends. A simple v-neck shirt with a nice pair of skinny jeans and boots can be jazzed up with a simple scarf. Money does not grow on trees, so a fun cheap scarf is the way to go. I got a great bright orange fall scarf from The Wooden Nickel in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and it is wonderful. I can throw it on with a plain t-shirt, and it looked like it took me hours to get ready. A great web site to go to is Piperlime.


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Warning: May Require a Personal Trainer.

Hello Dears,

I recently went shopping and shockingly discovered crop tops are still in style. Yes ladies, that means it is time to hit the gym. Although they are cute, these tops mean business and are not muffin top friendly. So ladies lets get or ducks in a row and shape up for this spring season.

Crops tops this season have no boundaries. Designers are doing basically whatever they want. Everything from neon colors, to darks, and even to crop tops that one would rarely call a crop top, but they are all the rage.

A crop top is a must have in the closet for this spring season. They can be dressed up and dressed down. A crop top with a pair of cute skinny’s and some bright Keds would be so cute for this spring. This blog gives some examples of outfits. So ladies, be fearless and go outside the box with a crop top.

Happy Reading!

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Spooks and Sparkles

Hey Fashionistas!

In the spirit of the Halloween holiday, I had a question to ask you all about what you think is an appropriate costume for a college student. A lot of girls feel the need to go for the sexy look on Halloween and many go for the creative side of Halloween. To tell y’all the truth, I hate the girls who dress slutty. Just because its Halloween does not mean you can have your alter ego come out.

There is a fashionable approach to this Halloween shindig. Pottery barn and J. Crew have come out with Halloween costumes and they are adorable! You could even just through together some fashionable pieces in your own closet and dress up as a famous person. The Wooden Nickel has a lot of new really out there tops. These would  be perfect for a Halloween costumes and you could wear them on a night out.

There are many different approaches to costumes, but I want to get y’all opinion on the subject.


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