People watching at its finest.

In the midst of the travel season, I feel the need to inform you all on airport fashion. Have you ever gone to the web site People of Walmart, if not look now. I am currently sitting in the Houston Hobby Airport, and I am, of course, people watching. Some of these people need help! One woman walked by and was wearing all white. The outfit was screaming, “IT’S AFTER LABOR DAY!” Another is sitting in front of me wearing a cute top but she obviously dressed in the dark when she put her pants and shoes on. She is wearing brown cords, which are obviously flared, and are tucked into old cowboy boots. PLEASE, do not be these women!

Although these pictures are out there, I know some did do this. In the midst of the travel season here are some helpful and fashionable travel rules.

Rule #1. Always look presentable. You never know whom you are going to run into or see. It is also common courtesy too look presentable.

Rule #2. You should always wear a fashionable, comfortable, and simple shoe while traveling. Leave your slippers at home. Boots are an ideal shoes to wear. They are easy to take on and off and they go with everything.

Rule #3. Accessories are your best friends. A simple v-neck shirt with a nice pair of skinny jeans and boots can be jazzed up with a simple scarf. Money does not grow on trees, so a fun cheap scarf is the way to go. I got a great bright orange fall scarf from The Wooden Nickel in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and it is wonderful. I can throw it on with a plain t-shirt, and it looked like it took me hours to get ready. A great web site to go to is Piperlime.


Life in the Fab Lane


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