Slave for Fashion?

Yes, we are all slaves for fashion (at least the readers of this blog are). A new  trend that has become a hot new accessory is fur. Everything from boots covered in fur, to fur vest and coats. Rachel Zoe is a big advocate for fur. She is a worldwide known stylist and has many followers. Although this is a hot new accessory, animal rights activists do not like it. Animals are literally becoming slaves to fashion.

Many designers have taken advantage of this out burst. They have begun to design faux fur accessories. With this they have started a new movement. Faux fur is the new thing! Whether you hate or love faux fur, it is the new “it” accessory. I have just recently bought my first faux fur vest. Michael Kors is the designer of this beautiful piece.

I know you are dying to know where to get the fabulous piece. The Wooden Nickel is a great place to start looking. This is where I bought my faux fur vest. They have great customer service and are willing to help you with anything. I hope you find this enlightening, and I hope you are excited about this new trend. I know I am ready for cold weather to come around so that I can wear my new accessory.


Life in the Fab Lane


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