Go Green!

Hello Fellow Fashionistas!

Fab Lane here, and it is officially fall! Fall is my favorite season; it brings cool weather, warm colors, and all of my favorite fall clothes. I can finally slip on my tall boots and cute jackets, but the fashion God’s have shaken up the spectrum.

The new look and my new obsession is the military look! Who knew the cargo look would come back to haunt us. Although cargo shorts aren’t for everyone, there is an alternative. My favorite piece of the military ensemble is the army green cargo skinny’s (that’s a mouth full).

These pants can be very versatile. You can dress them up or dress them down. These pants are essential to ones fall outfit. They will never fail you. When I first found that the army look was in, I was not a fan, but I went to a local boutique, The Wooden Nickel, and they had these pants. The stylist insisted on me trying them on and so I did. It was love at well, second sight. I highly recommend at least trying them on. Who knows maybe it will be love at first sight! Go Army!


Life in the Fab Lane


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