Fashion Speaks Through Film


I have just discovered fashion videos. I know, I know, I am behind the times, but I found them fascinating and pleasing to the eye. I have watched several different videos and I do not  know the fashion designer that this film is promoting, but whoever it is this is a brilliant idea to get their new line out into the open.

The editor did a variety of different angles. He does close up of the hold building, trees, and windows; this is pleasing to the eye because it is not all focused on the clothes. He also focuses on the clothing, of course. Some of the shots are out of focus then come into focus.

All in all, the film has a modern and vintage feel too it. I am in love with the contrast between the old and new. It gives the buyer and critic a different perspective on the clothing and as a designer as a whole.


Life in the Fab Lane


What in the World…

Hello Dears,

First and foremost, please watch this video. I know Jersey Shore is not the classiest show but this voices my opinion on, just wait, denim. Denim is a thing if the past to me but o the fashion world it is taking it by storm.

On MSN, there is an article on the 20 Must-Haves, and of course, a denim shirt is on the list. The shirt could be super cute, but most people wear it totally wrong. Do not wear your mom jeans with a denim shirt; you might get the same treatment as the video above.

Here are some helpful guidelines to follow. These options are super cute and you cannot mess them up. They are full proof! The denim shirt can be cute but make sure you do it right!


Life in the Fab Lane