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Reality Check

On the Oklahoma State campus, just before spring break, they hold a program called Reality Check. Check it out.

“Paris is always a good idea.” — Audrey Hepburn


Fashion Week is here, which means a whole new world has opened. Designers are setting a whole new trend and a whole new outlook on fashion. Paris Fashion Week has always intrigued me because it is so different from the fashion week in New York City. This blog does a great job of covering all sides of Paris Fashion Week.

The New York Times did a short article on Galliano’s show. After reading this, I did some research on this show. He shook things up a bit, which needed to be done. In the beginning, the fashion was very hard, rock star like, then softened up by have soft flowing dresses in the end. I soon learned that nothing is off limits in the fashion world.

During Paris Fashion Week, Harper’s Bazar scoped out the local fashion.  There was a mix among spring, fall and winter clothing; the common theme among all the clothes was a surprise. All if the outfits had a splash of bright color, some with bright pumps, purses, or even skirts. Paris is setting the bar high in the fashion world.


Life in the Fab Lane


Booty or Bermuda


I love Spring, but I absolutely hate going short shopping. There are too many choices and too many awkward fits. What do I want? Do I want my butt to hang out, or would I rather them go down to my knees. One pair shows too much cellulite, while the other makes my knees look like door knobs. So i guess the question is, what is the right length?

I think my favorite length is a happy medium. My toosh has full coverage but the thighs have free reign. I love denim dark wash, a little rugged, with a little acid wash too them. If this is your description of the perfect short, Citizens of Humanity and Paige Denim have the one. I have a pair of both, and I am a firm believer in them. So go out and find that perfect short! Happy shopping Fashionistas!

Life in the Fab Lane

Pretty in Pastels

Hello there Fashionistas!

Winter is on the verge of being over (thank goodness) and Spring will be there before we know it, which means a whole new wardrobe. We have seen a sneak peak of the new Spring fashions through the various award shows. The Golden Globes was a huge insight!  Many of the actresses were in pastel colors, very light and airy. Along with the soft pinks, gold and beige, lace, the vintage look, was a big statement.

I came across a blog that also agrees that soft colors are in for spring. The blog is called I am fashion. She is a interesting writer and has an interesting fashion sense.

One of the stylist for the Golden Globes is Rachel Zoe. She really knows her fashion and is always keeping her fans up to date on the changing fashion. Rachel speaks her mind in her blog (naturally) but she also has tabs about home fashion, accessories, and many other different topics. Happy reading!


Life in the Fab Lane